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Why We Exist

Ancient wisdom says, “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required.” Your decision to become a Registered Investment Advisor comes with great opportunity and with great responsibility. We know you take that responsibility seriously and as an advisor TO advisors, we take it seriously too. President Chad Ramberg spent part of his career in your shoes as a financial advisor. When faced with the task of securing professional insurance to help protect himself and his clients, he was not impressed by the quality of guidance available. It did not appear that insurance brokers working on behalf of the financial industry were held to the same standard of ethics and continuing education to which RIAs are held. Chad’s lackluster experience buying errors and omissions insurance afforded us an opportunity to find a way to better serve the RIA industry. 

We began asking ourselves what it would look like to build an insurance brokerage with your needs in mind. Through this process, we realized that we would need to build it from the ground up, rather than try to overhaul and re-tool an existing practice. We believe that an insurance solution solely focused on serving the RIA industry will drive efficiencies, allow us to demand more competitive pricing, and give us the experience to solve the risk-management problems RIAs face.

We serve investment companies that are regulated by the SEC, state registered advisors and investment companies that are conditionally exempt. This can include any one or combination of the types of investment companies below.
— Chad Ramberg, President, Box Professional Insurance


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Clients We Serve

SEC Registered InvestMeNT Advisors

This includes those long-standing RIAs, advisors serving HNW clients, advisors breaking away, ERISA plan advisors, and newer business models that can bring together a number of advisors under a RIA working across the country.

Private Funds

A hedge fund, LP, MLP or any number of private fund structures have requirements that need to be met. If you are GP to the fund or an advisor to the fund, we can help.

State Registered Investment Advisors

These are your main street advisors who often provide holistic financial advice to local families and businesses. They may provide financial planning, family office support and some life and health insurance products to clients.

Family Offices

While often conditionally exempt, the interesting thing about a family office is that it can provide any number of services. How you choose to protect the business will greatly depend upon the services being provided and your risk profile.

Public funds — Mutual Funds, ETFs, Etc.

As a fund company, you may be closely associated with an RIA, stand alone or as a fund advisor. Any of these situations require specific risk management structures and choices. In addition to mutual funds and ETFs, we serve CEFs and Interval funds.

Other Business Structures

All of these structures can be stand alone or associated with a closely held financial service organization. When your primary business is providing investment advice and you are closely associated with a CPA, insurance agency, CDFA, Trust Company or attorney, we can help.


When launching our RIA, we needed an insurance specialist that understood our business. I vetted out four different agents and truly felt Chad separated himself by a large margin.
— Joseph Stock, Managing Partner, Lake Street


Let's Chat.

This will sound funny, but the last thing we want to talk about is your insurance. This is because we want to understand you first, so we can serve you better. Our process starts with a short 15-30 minute conversation. We start by asking you, “What do you want to learn from this call?” Then we ask some get-to-know-you questions and wrap up with doing our best to make sure you get some value from our chat. If you need more time, we can always schedule another call.