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NAPFA Spring Conference

Box Professional Insurance is excited to be attending the NAPFA Spring 2019 National Conference in Austin Texas. The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is an alliance of financial advisors whose core values are: 1) to be a beacon for independent financial advice, 2) to deliver financial services in the public interest and 3) to set the standards for the profession of financial planning. The Spring Conference is a time to catch up on the latest industry news including updates on college funding advice, behavioral finance, special needs planning, and divorce financial planning.

Attending professional conferences on a regular basis will help you keep up on industry trends. Since you can get continuing education credits at these events, it is a good idea to have a process to document what you’ve learned. A simple way to do this is to circle the presentations you attend on your agenda then, when you get back to the office, scan and save the file to your calendar. This is a useful business risk management tool because now you have documentation on the subjects you reviewed and a record of the people who spoke. This can be used to show compliance…and how well you keep up with current trends. It can also be used to trigger research on a specific subject.

We support attendance to industry events such as the NAPFA conference because business risk management, for a financial advisor, is much more than checking the box on insurance. We hope you are inspired to attend.

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